November 9, 2017

Republican supporters of the scheme to recall State Senator Patricia Farley turned in less than one-third of the signatures needed to force a special election

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Republican supporters of an effort to recall Nevada State Senator Patricia Farley turned in less than one-third of the signatures needed to force an expensive and unnecessary special election in Senate District 8. Senator Farley and Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford applauded the news that this partisan scheme has failed.

“This recall campaign was nothing more than a partisan political game for Senator Roberson, and he should be embarrassed about his role in it,” said Senator Farley. “This manipulation of the recall process has been an insult to voters. It has also been a complete waste of Clark County’s time and of taxpayer resources. I’m incredibly grateful to my colleagues and volunteers for their unwavering support over the past few months, and I look forward to continuing to serve out the rest of my term representing the people of Senate District 8. This experience, and walking my district to talk with so many voters, has emphasized to me once more the importance of public service and engagement. We need more conversations with our constituents like those I’ve been having, and fewer ridiculous power grabs like this failed recall.” 

“Senator Farley put her constituents above partisan labels and political games when she joined our caucus this year, and I’m glad she will continue to be a valued member of our team through next year,” said Senator Ford. “I’m proud of the impressive and bipartisan work she did this session to take on the scourge of opioid addiction, expand access to affordable child care, and craft robust new safety rules for recreational marijuana. Senator Farley has been exceptional to work with, she is in public service for all the right reasons, and her constituents clearly agree with that assessment. One down, two to go.”


Nevada Republicans are pushing a desperate political tactic after losing their legislative majorities in 2016: recalls. Democrats successfully flipped control of both chambers in the Nevada legislature last year – the only state to do so in the nation. After the 2016 election, Senator Patricia Farley left the Senate Republican Caucus, registered as a nonpartisan, and began caucusing with Senate Democrats. The Nevada GOP’s abuse of the recall process has been called “an affront to Nevada voters” and a “subversion of democracy.”

In case you missed this interview last month, it’s worth a listen – KNPR’s State of Nevada: State Senator Farley On Roberson, Recall and Good Leadership



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