November 8, 2017

Thousands of recall petition signers in District 5 are clearly ineligible, and hundreds more are asking the Secretary of State to strike their name

Henderson, NV – Today, Nevada Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford announced new information about the GOP’s recall campaign against State Senator Joyce Woodhouse in District 5.

Examination of the petitions has found that thousands of recall petition signers are clearly ineligible. Hundreds more are now asking the Secretary of State to strike their name from the recall petition for a wide range of reasons. Some say they were misled by signature gatherers, some believe it’s a waste of taxpayer money, and others say they do not remember signing the petition and believe their signature was forged. Any voter who signs a recall petition has the right to request that the Secretary of State strike their name from that petition during the current period.

“The Republican scheme to reverse the results of the 2016 election and undo the will of voters in Senate District 5 is on the verge of collapse,” said Senator Ford. “We have already discovered many blatantly ineligible recall petition signers who are not currently registered to vote in Senate District 5, who did not actually vote in the 2016 election, or who are not even registered to vote at all. Since Friday, hundreds of additional voters have asked the Secretary of State to strike their name from this deceitful petition because they feel they were misled. Others have told us it’s a waste of taxpayer money or they feared that their signature had in fact been forged. Stephen Silberkraus, Michael Roberson, and their team of out-of-state canvassers have run amok in their incredibly cynical campaign to steal this Senate seat. The evidence continues to pile up against this bogus partisan effort.”


Nevada Republicans are pushing a desperate political tactic after losing their legislative majorities in 2016: recalls. Democrats successfully flipped control of both chambers in the Nevada legislature last year – the only state to do so in the nation. Senator Joyce Woodhouse won re-election in 2016 and has been elected by voters to represent Senate District 5 three times. The Nevada GOP’s abuse of the recall process has been called “an affront to Nevada voters” and a “subversion of democracy.”

Senator Joyce Woodhouse is a 40-year retired educator, a selfless public servant and a proven champion for Nevada’s kids, women, seniors and veterans. Joyce brought her lifelong commitment to public education to the Nevada Senate starting in 2007, and she has established herself as one of the Legislature’s foremost experts and strongest advocates on education issues.

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