SEN. DEBBIE SMITH: Statement on Senate Bill 175

February 25, 2015

SEN. DEBBIE SMITH: Statement on Senate Bill 175

CARSON CITY - Today, Sen. Debbie Smith made the following statement opposing Senate Bill 175. S.B. 175 changes numerous gun provisions in existing Nevada law, including expanding Stand Your Ground provisions to cover defense of a vehicle. 

“While I appreciate that this bill attempts to address some domestic violence issues, I cannot support it in its current form. Expanding ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws will make this state a more dangerous place for all Nevadans, particularly women who are so often the victims of violent crimes.  I urge the Judiciary Committee to instead hear Senate Bill 187, which will give domestic violence survivors the protection they deserve.” 

Sen. Smith introduced Senate Bill 187, which bars people convicted of domestic abuse or stalking, or people under extended order of protection for domestic violence from owning or possessing a firearm. 



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