[RELEASE] Legislative Democrats to Introduce Equal Pay Bill

February 23, 2015


CARSON CITY - At a press conference today, Sen. Pat Spearman announced that she will introduce a bill to require equal pay for equal work in Nevada. She was joined at the announcement by Assembly Democratic Leader Marilyn Kirkpatrick, other Legislative Democrats, and hundreds of Nevadans participating in Grassroots Lobby Day at the Legislature.

Sen. Spearman’s bill will incorporate the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act into Nevada law. The bill will prevent employer retaliation against employees who share information about their pay with coworkers. It will allow victims of pay discrimination to recover a range of damages including up to two years of back pay and benefits. The bill also creates a tiered civil penalty structure that will result in increasing fines for repeat offenders. 

“Equal pay for equal work will help level the playing field for Nevada women and their families. Passing a strong equal pay bill will send a message that we’re committed to fairness for all Nevadans,” said Sen. Pat Spearman. “I have invited every one of my colleagues, Republican and Democrat, to sign on as a co-sponsor to this bill.”

“I thank Senator Spearman for introducing this bill and allowing me to sign on as a sponsor. As a mother and grandmother, I’m proud to be a sponsor of this bill,” said Assembly Democratic Leader Marilyn Kirkpatrick. “If this bill passes, it means middle class families will have more money to put aside for their kids’ college or to buy their first house. Passing this equal pay bill will put Nevada’s middle class families one step closer to the American Dream.”

Equal pay is particularly important to the economic security of middle and working class families. In Nevada, women make approximately $.85 per dollar that a man makes. Women of color face an even greater pay disparity. According to statistics, African-American women in Nevada make $.64 per dollar a man makes, and Latinas make only $.52 per dollar a man makes. 

So far, the bill has eight co-sponsors in the Senate and seventeen in the Assembly, including all women in the Democratic caucuses. Sen. Spearman has announced that she welcomes any member of the Legislature, regardless of party, to sign on as a co-sponsor.



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