[RELEASE] Update from Senator Debbie Smith on Legislative Priorities

February 23, 2015


CARSON CITY - Today, Sen. Debbie Smith made the following statement on the priorities of the 2015 Legislative Session:

“I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support over the past few weeks. I’ve been lucky to hear from so many friends, both in Nevada and across the country. Those kind words have meant so much to my family and me, and they’ve helped keep my spirits up.

“Although I’m not in Carson City, those who know me well will know I’ve been closely watching legislative business. Frankly, I’m extremely concerned. As I’ve said, I had two major priorities for the 2015 Session: a bond rollover bill to fund school construction and a bill that helps keep guns away from domestic abusers and stalkers. I want to make something very clear: although I am unable to physically be in the Legislative Building right now, these bills remain my top priorities for this session, and I will not stop fighting for them. That’s why I’m proud that today my colleagues will introduce a bill on my behalf to keep guns away from domestic abusers.

“Protecting survivors of domestic violence is too important to be watered down and wrapped up in irresponsible and extremist legislation. Unfortunately, there is a risk of that happening in Carson City right now. Some good ideas to keep guns out of the hands of survivors have been loaded up with extremely bad ideas that will ultimately turn abuse survivors into political tools. I firmly stand against any attempt to put partisan politics before survivors of abuse. 

“Thankfully, I know that my caucus will continue to fight to pass a domestic violence gun bill that will actually protect survivors. I will be a part of that fight, and I want my constituents and all Nevadans to know that despite my current circumstances, I will continue fighting for you every day.”



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