2015 Session: Week 6 Update

We’ve now finished Week 6 of the 2015 Session! Here’s an update on what’s been happening and what to expect in the week to come in the Legislative Building:

unnamedNevada Blueprint: Assembly and Senate Democrats came together last Monday to unveil our Nevada Blueprint. The Blueprint outlines Democratic legislative principles and priorities that will help expand and protect the middle class in Nevada. You can read the full document by going to www.nevadablueprint.com. You can check out some of the TV coverage of our roll-out by clicking here!

Cutting Down the Cost of Higher Ed: As part of our Blueprint, Democrats have pledged to find ways to ease the costs of higher education, and this week Sen. Ford & Sen. Kihuen presented bills to do it.  On Thursday, Sen. Ford presented his bill to create a student loan refinancing program that would help Nevada residents save thousands of dollars by getting a better interest rate on their student loans.

On Friday, Sen. Kihuen also presented a bipartisan bill to create the Silver State Opportunity Grant Program. Nevada is one of the only states in the country without its own need-based college grant program. This bill will create such a program for the state. 

Sen. Woodhouse in District 5! Sen. Joyce Woodhouse went to two local libraries in Henderson over the weekend to celebrate the birth of Dr. Seuss by reading his stories to local children. Both events were well attended, and Sen. Woodhouse encouraged parents to read to their young children. 

What to Expect in Week 7? Monday, March 16th is the deadline for senators to introduce their bills for the 2015 Session. By Monday night, we’ll know exactly what bills remain to be considered during this Session. 

On Wednesday, the Senate and Assembly will meet together to hear a presentation and ask questions about the Governor’s proposed tax plan. The Governor’s plan is one of several tax plans that are likely to be considered as we look for new ways to fund education in our state. 

Have you seen our Senator Spotlight? Week Six’s Senator Spotlight was on Ruben Kihuen.


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