Upholding the Legacy: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

By Senator Aaron D. Ford
January 19, 2015

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and to consider the work we continue to do to uphold his legacy. 

6a00d834525f2869e200e550790fb18834-500wiFifty years ago, the American Civil Rights Movement scored an important victory with the passage of the Voting Rights Act. This landmark legislation helped put an end to some of the most egregious violations of a cherished, fundamental right: the right to vote. Central to its passage were courageous activists who stood tall in places like Selma, Alabama to defend the rights of African-Americans and others who had been oppressed. Some of those activists paid for their courage with their lives. As we remember their sacrifice, we are obligated to consider our own duty to protect the legacy of Dr. King and the men and women who stood with him.

Make no mistake. The battle to defend the right to vote continues, both across the nation and in Nevada. In recent years, new laws adversely affecting seniors and military personnel, activist courts, and misguided politicians have all worked together to roll back many of the gains we’ve made. In fact, right here at home, Nevada’s top election official seeks to add additional, unnecessary and expensive requirements to the voting process, and our Governor proposes to undermine the right to vote for our representatives by removing Nevada’s school boards from the electoral process.

Nevada Democrats are dedicated and determined to upholding and defending our constitutional right to vote. Therefore, as we begin the 2015 Legislative Session, we will be on guard to protect the voting rights of all Nevadans, regardless of color, creed, or political belief. In honor of those who fought for our rights 50 years ago, we will stand against any attempt to restrict Nevadans’ access to the ballot box.

Here are a few ways you can help make a difference.