Senator Ford: Congratulations primary winners! On to the General Election!

Now that the primary is over, I wanted to say congratulations to Senator Joyce Woodhouse, Senator Kelvin Atkinson, and Senator David Parks for their overwhelming victories in this week's primary elections. They all had resounding victories that demonstrate their long records as successful legislators and good Democrats. Our Democratic incumbents are all working hard to earn reelection this fall. 

The primaries set the table for Democrats to take control of the State Senate this year. While Republicans have nominated extremist candidates who are more interested in pursuing right-wing politics than in growing our middle class, Democrats will be talking about the issues that matter to Nevadans. We’ll be fighting for good jobs with fair wages, quality schools and affordable higher education, and for treating Nevadans of all backgrounds with the respect they deserve.

We have great candidates like Nicole Cannizzaro (Senate District 6), Devon Reese (Senate District 15), and Alexander Marks (Senate District 18) who are ready to help us turn the State Senate blue. Starting right now, we'll be working hard to ensure they're all victorious in November!

- Senator Aaron D. Ford, Senate Democratic Leader


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