Remembering Dr. King’s Call for Economic Justice

From Senate Democratic Leader Aaron D. Ford:


When we think of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, we naturally think of his heroic stands for civil rights. Dr. King is universally considered to be our nation’s preeminent advocate for equality and social justice. What we often forget is that Dr. King wasn’t only a champion of social justice, he was a champion for economic justice as well.

When Dr. King was killed, he was in Memphis to support sanitation workers who were fighting for fair treatment in the workplace. He was a fierce advocate for good wages, safer working conditions, and for treating working men and women with dignity regardless of their socioeconomic status.

That call still resonates today, and we still have more work to do to realize that dream. Whether it is our fight to raise wages, provide access to quality health care, or guarantee average people the benefit of paid sick leave, we are still fighting to ensure that working people across Nevada and this country are treated with the respect they deserve.

To Dr. King and the brave men and women who stood with him, economic rights were civil rights. Let’s be sure that it is something that we never forget.


Here are a few ways you can help make a difference.