2015 Session: Week 13 Update

We’ve now finished the first 13 weeks of the 2015 Legislative Session! We are fast approaching another bill deadline, and we are getting ready to start closing out the state budget. Here’s an update on where some important bills stand:

Programs for Victims of Military Sexual Trauma: On Tuesday, Sen. Joyce Woodhouse and Sen. Pat Spearman presented Senate Bill 268 to the Assembly Commerce and Labor Committee. They were joined at the hearing by the Director of the Nevada Department of Veterans Services as well as a victim of military sexual trauma who courageously spoke about her experiences. The bill passed unanimously out of the Senate on April 14th, and we hope it will pass out of the Assembly soon. 

Carson City Democratic Jefferson-Jackson Dinner: On Thursday, Sen. Aaron Ford spoke at annual Carson City Democrats’ Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. He updated the Carson City Dems on the Nevada Blueprint, the state of the Legislative Session so far, and called on them to stay engaged for the 2016 elections. 

During that dinner, Sen. Debbie Smith was honored with the Democrat of the Year award. Sen. Smith is only the second person to receive that award from the Carson City Democrats. 

Senator Spotlight: This week’s Senator Spotlight was on Sen. Debbie Smith, who is back in action in Carson City! Next week, we’ll be putting the spotlight on Sen. Tick Segerblom! 

As always, we want to thank all of you for paying attention and lending your voice to the process. Your input is valuable because government works best when we all work together. 


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