Senator Spotlight: Debbie Smith, District 13

Every week the Senate Democratic Caucus will highlight one member on our blog. We want you to get the chance to know our senators a little better, to learn about the issues they’re passionate about, and to see what they’ll be working on during the 2015 Session. 

Senator: Debbie Smith
District: 13
Hometown: Sparks, NV
Senate Committees: Senate Finance, Health and Human Services, and Natural Resources

When did you first run for office? What year did you first join the Nevada Senate? What inspired you to get into politics?

debbie smithI was first elected in the Assembly in 2000 and in the Senate in 2012. I was a Mom and I was strongly passionate about the educational issues being discussed in the Legislative Building for not only my own kids, but for Nevada’s kids and their future. Through PTA I found that I could have a broader voice than just at my kid's school, however, being in the Senate, I am glad I am able to have a stronger role when it comes to improving Nevada’s education system.

Tell us one fun or interesting fact about your district: 

Senate District 13 is the only district in Northern Nevada with a Democratic Senator representing their district!  A special shout out and huge thanks to my constituents for electing me to serve another term in the State Senate!

What is something you hope to accomplish during the 2015 Legislative Session?

I hope to have a great deal of input on the state budget and I look forward to working with my colleagues on how we can turn Nevada into a 21st Century State.


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