2015 Session: Week 12 Update

2015 Session: Week 12 Update

We’ve now finished the first 12 weeks of the 2015 Legislative Session! On Tuesday, we had an important deadline for bills to pass out of their house of origin. Here’s an update on where some important bills stand:

Looking Out for Military Families & Veterans. Senator Pat Spearman, a 29 year veteran of the United States Army, introduced Senate Bill 359 (SB359), which would have required child care facilities to give a preference for admission to children who have a parent or guardian that is 1. currently serving on active duty, 2. was killed or died as a direct result of injuries received while serving honorably on active duty, or 3. is a prisoner of war or reported missing in action while on active duty. This bill passed unanimously out of the Health & Human Services Committee, but unfortunately, Republicans decided to put politics before our military families and killed the bill before deadline. Despite this major setback, Senator Spearman is determined to bring new life to this concept and we will keep you updated on any progress she makes. 

In addition to Senator Spearman fighting to provide child care to kids who’ve lost their parents on the front lines, she also spent quality times with Nevada's paralyzed veterans this weekend.  

Debbie’s Back. Senator Debbie Smith made a resilient return to the Nevada State Senate recently and the NV Senate Democrats couldn’t be more thrilled to have her at #nvleg. If you know Debbie, you know she is the expert on Nevada’s budget -- and she’s proven that once again by playing a vital role on the Finance Committee. Currently, the Committee on Finance is in the process of closing budgets on multiple items -- including our K-12 and higher-ed systems. Nevadans should be grateful Senator Smith is back in action to provide some oversight and accountability to how our taxpayer dollars get spent. 

Surviving the Deadline. Since we’re in the minority, we never expected some of our bills aimed at helping the middle class to be passed through the Senate by Republicans. However, a few of our top-priority Blueprint bills managed to make it through this milestone. For instance, Senator Kihuen’s Child Care Tax Credits bill is still alive, along with Senator Ford’s bill that will help minority and women owned businesses get off the ground. Additionally, Senator Woodhouse’s Financial Literacy bill, along with Senator Parks’s bill to ban sexual conversion therapy for minors are still alive. These are just a few of the bills that we will continue pushing for until day 120. 

At this important halfway mark, we want to thank all of you for paying attention and lending your voice to the process. Government works best when we all work together -- that’s why your input is critical to our success. 


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