Senator Spotlight: Mark Manendo, District 21

Every week the Senate Democratic Caucus will highlight one member on our blog. We want you to get the chance to know our senators a little better, to learn about the issues they’re passionate about, and to see what they’ll be working on during the 2015 Session. 

Senator: Mark Manendo
District: 21
Hometown: Las Vegas
Senate Committees: Senate Commerce, Labor and Energy, Transportation and Natural Resources

When did you first run for office? What year did you first join the Nevada Senate? What inspired you to get into politics?

Wo4O4D5nI served 8 terms in the Nevada State Assembly before running for the Nevada State Senate in 2010, I am now into my second term. Running for political office was just a natural extention of my community service and volunteer work that I have done since I was a kid. My parents always instilled in that everyone has the reponsibility to participate and give back to your neighborhood and community.

Tell us one fun or interesting fact about your district: 

Part of Senate District 21 covers Lake Las Vegas, it is so beautiful out there! 

What is something you hope to accomplish during the 2015 Legislative Session?

I will continue to work on public safety related issues, along with those related to our senior and veterans who we should honor daily, not just when the Legislature is in session. Also, as many of my constituents know, I am passionate about animal welfare and will have legislation in that respect. 


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