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senator spearman-smlPat  Spearman has never taken the easy road or avoided a problem simply because it was too difficult. She has lived a life based in public service because it challenged her to do more for her country and for her community.

Pat’s legacy of service began in 1977 when she joined the United States Army after graduating from Norfolk State University in Virginia.  For nearly three decades, Pat served in a variety of posts within the Army, including assignments in Europe, Korea, Panama, and at the Pentagon where she worked as a staff officer at the Army Operations Center.  Pat went on to graduate from the Army’s prestigious Command and General Staff College eventually rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

However, even while serving in the Army, Pat felt that no matter where she was posted, it was important for her to serve the community.  That passion for activism and public service led her to working in the field of education.  

That’s why, in 1991, Pat made the decision to run for her first public office: a seat on the San Marcos (TX) Independent School District Board.  Her commitment to serve and her dedication to education impressed many of her colleagues and they chose her, only six months after her election, to be President of the School Board.  In her time there, she came to appreciate and understand the challenges that parents, teachers and administrators face together in ensuring every child has access to public education.

Education has always been a passion for Pat Spearman.  As a former professor at the University of Louisville where she served as a lecturer in Religious Studies and director of the multicultural center, Pat understands that education is a key component to success in any career.  In 2014, she will complete her Doctoral studies in Business Administration with a focus on energy policy.

In 2012, Pat Spearman made the decision to return to public service. While always active in the Democratic Party in Clark County and as a field organizer for President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, she knew there was more that she could and must do for her community.    

She believed that new leadership was needed to help restore her beloved North Las Vegas. After experiencing, first hand, the economic devastation that was destroying whole neighborhoods in her district, voters were demanding new ideas and a stronger vision to restore their communities.

With just a few months before the June primary election in 2012, Pat Spearman filed to run for the District 1 State Senate seat.  She entered the race knowing she had an uphill fight against an entrenched incumbent with many pundits giving her little chance to win.  

However, a coalition of community groups and key neighborhood leaders responded to Pat’s message of rebuilding District 1’s economy and bringing new hope to the people of North Las Vegas.  In a campaign that astounded many in Nevada’s political community, the voters of District 1 went on to elect Pat Spearman to the State Senate with overwhelming margin of victory.  

In June 2013, Senator Pat Spearman completed her historic first session in the Nevada State Senate.  She was named Chair of the Legislative Operations and Elections Committee, serves as Vice-Chair of Government Affairs and is a member of the Transportation Committee.   She has been responsible for moving several key pieces of legislation forward, including economic development, veteran’s affairs, marriage equality, and improving health care delivery systems.

In the 2015 Legislative Session, Senator Spearman will continue fighting for working families, economic development, environmental protection, energy independence and marriage equality.  She will also be at the forefront of legislative initiatives that will look to reinvigorate District 1’s economy, work to strengthen job opportunities, restore our neighborhoods by keeping residents in their homes and move our communities forward to a better, a more prosperous future. 

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