David Parks

senator parks-smlDavid Parks has a life-time record of standing up for us.

27 years ago David Parks helped establish the first AIDS prevention and treatment support center in Southern Nevada. David champions women‘s rights, education, and social justice. David uses his executive and financial skills to improve government efficiencies and push for greater accountability. He is a proven advocate for us.

David Parks has a 37-year record of real commitment to our community. Few can say they‘ve been an active volunteer and leader in civic and charitable efforts for over 37 years–but David Parks can. An Air Force Veteran, a community advocate, and an elected official, David Parks has an extensive record of service. Appointed by 5 different governors to serve our community and state, David Parks is trusted and respected.

David Parks has the professional experience to make sound decisions. As the former Director of Budget and Management for the City of Las Vegas, Senior Management Analyst in the Clark County Manager‘s Office, and Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer for the Regional Transportation Commission, David is highly skilled at developing improved financial and operational procedures and methodologies and making the right policy decisions.

David Parks believes education and training make a difference. David has a BS Degree in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire and an MBA from UNLV. He also has numerous post-graduate and professional credits.

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